self-service lockers at the National Library
Lockers at the National Library of Australia.

Storing your personal belongings

To help protect the Library’s collection, some items are not allowed in the reading rooms or galleries. Please store the following in our free lockers:

  • bags larger than 30 x 30 x 30 cm
  • food and drinks (pure water in a bottle with a tightly secured lid is permitted in the Main Reading Room)
  • any items that may harm the collection
  • overcoats and umbrellas

Using our free lockers

Our lockers are located on Lower Ground 1.

  • find an empty locker and place your belongings inside
  • choose a 4 digit number, enter it on the key pad and press the # key
  • take note of your locker number (hint: take a photo)
  • to open your locker, enter the same 4 digit number and press the # key

There are four sizes available for your convenience:

  • small: 350mm H x 270mm W x 470mm D
  • medium: 440mm H x 370mm W x 470mm D
  • large: 580mm H x 370mm W x 470mm D
  • extra-large: 870mm H x 370mm W x 470mm D 

Lockers are cleared daily after the Library closes.

The Library is not responsible for personal belongings.

Do not leave personal possessions or bags unattended at any time. For the safety of our patrons unattended items may be inspected and removed by authorised officers of the Library.