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What is the Prepublication Data Service?

The Prepublication Data Service is a free service offered by the National Library of Australia.

This service is for Australian publishers and self-publishing authors who want the details of their upcoming publications made available to Australian libraries, library suppliers, and other members of the book industry for acquisition purposes.  

Why should I use the Prepublication Data Service?

Information about your upcoming publication will be made available to libraries and library suppliers around Australia via Libraries Australia and Trove, creating greater exposure for your book, and increasing the potential for book sales.

Am I legally required to use the Prepublication Data Service?

There is no legal requirement to use the Prepublication Data Service.

One of the main benefits of this service is that the data is discoverable by over 1,000 Australian libraries and library suppliers, who can use the information for selection and acquisition activities.

What types of publications are included in the Prepublication Data Service?

See our eligibility criteria.

When will my book be catalogued?

Once your application is submitted, a brief prepublication catalogue record for your upcoming book will be automatically generated. This prepublication catalogue record will be uploaded to Libraries Australia and Trove within 48 hours. 

The prepublication record will be upgraded to full cataloguing standards once the National Library has processed the legal deposit copy of your published book. The full catalogue record will be uploaded to Libraries Australia and Trove, with the information that your book has been published. 

Where should I print the cataloguing statement in my book?

You should print the Prepublication Data Service statement on the imprint page with the publication details and copyright information. This is usually located on the reverse side of the title page. See cataloguing statement for more information.

What should my imprint page look like?

Your imprint page is usually on the reverse side of the title page, and is also known as the copyright page. It may contain as little or as much information as you like.

We recommend that you print your publisher details, the publication date, copyright information, and the ISBN.

You may also choose to print the cataloguing statement on this page. This is optional.

How does this service relate to copyright? 

In Australia, copyright is automatically granted upon creation of a work. There is no direct relationship between the Prepublication Data Service and copyright.

However, registration of an ISBN (if you have one), an application for the Prepublication Data Service, and Legal Deposit may assist with proving copyright. 

Copyright information can be obtained from:

What should I do after my book is published?

You are legally required to deposit a copy of your book with the National Library of Australia and the relevant state deposit library(s).

Further information can be found on the legal deposit web page.

What is the difference between an ISBN, an ISSN and an ISMN?

An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique identifier for books. See Thorpe Bowker for more information. 

An ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is a unique identifier for serial publications. A serial is a publication made up of a number of parts issued in sequence and linked by a continuous title. Annual reports, newspapers, journals, and magazines are some examples of serial publications. To find out more, see The Australian ISSN Agency.

An ISMN (International Standard Music Number) is a unique identifier for notated music publications. See The Australian ISMN Agency for more information

How long will it take for the National Library to process my application?

Once you have submitted your application, it is processed instantly. The prepublication catalogue record for your book is automatically generated, and will appear on Libraries Australia and Trove within 48 hours. 

Can I make changes to my book details once I have submitted the application?

Publications receive full catalogue records upon deposit. Please ensure Prepublicaton applications have the most accurate and up-to-date information possible as we do not make changes to PDS records. 

Why does the National Library need my contact details?

Your details are collected so we can contact you about your application, if necessary.

We do not disclose personal information contained in your Prepublication Data Service application to any external third party. See our Privacy Policy.

Do I have to have an ISBN?

No, you do not have to have an ISBN to use the Prepublication Data Service.

If you want to sell your book, or make it easier to find, we do recommended that you get an ISBN. See Thorpe Bowker to obtain an ISBN. 

How can I get more/different subjects for my book?

Once your book is published, and the legal deposit copy has been processed, the catalogue record is upgraded. At this point, the cataloguer will perform subject analysis, and may add more detailed Library of Congress Subject Headings if appropriate.

The subject field in the Prepublication Data Service form is optional, so you may leave it blank if you choose. 

My book has more than four creators. How can I add them?

You may list up to four creators in the Prepublication Data Service application form. These creators will be listed in the prepublication catalogue record.

When we process the legal deposit copy of your published book, the prepublication catalogue record is upgraded. All creators listed on your book's title page will be added to the full catalogue record.

Why do you want to know the creator's life dates? 

We use life dates to distinguish between creators with the same, or similar names. You can also provide middle names to help with this. For example, there are hundreds of authors named John Smith, but there is only one author named John Hazel Smith, who was born in 1928.

This information helps library readers find books if they only know the author's name. 

I need help with my application. Who can I contact?

All enquiries must be submitted via an online form. We can no longer be contacted directly by telephone. You will receive a response within 10 working days.

We are closed on public holidays.