Important Information

Before starting your ISSN application, please read and confirm you understand the following:

ISSNs are ONLY assigned to ongoing serial publications (designed to be published regularly and indefinitely, e.g. journals, magazines, annual reports, newsletters etc.) For more information, please see What is a Serial at About ISSNs.

ISSNs are ONLY assigned for qualifying Australian serial publications that are by Australian publishers and published in Australia.

ISSN Application form is used if your title is:

  • A new serial publication;
  • A current publication has never been assigned an ISSN;
  • Published in an additional format concurrently (e.g. you have a print serial that will continue to be published and are also starting to publish an online version)

ISSN Change form is used if:

  • A serial publication has changed title;
  • A serial publication has a change of format;
  • A publisher associated with a particular serial title changes their name.

A separate new ISSN may be required if:

  • A serial publication has a continuing supplemental publication;
  • A serial publication has a continuing subseries, i.e. a separately identified series within a main series.

If you are unsure about your publication’s eligibility for an ISSN, please send an enquiry to the Australian ISSN Agency. You will receive a response within 10 working days.

Once submitted, your application will be assessed by the Agency staff and, if eligible, an ISSN will be assigned within 10 working days.


Your privacy is important to us. Read our Privacy Policy before applying for an ISSN. Please be aware that details of all serial titles registered by the Agency are sent to the International Centre and this data is published in ISSN Online and ISSN Compact (CD-ROM).