If you want to order a digital reproduction of a library item from us, you have several options through our Copies Direct service.

Copies Direct

A digital reproduction service for articles, book chapters, photographs, pictures, maps, manuscripts, music, sound recordings from our collections, as well as the collections of other libraries. We offer Copies Direct services in accordance with our Interlibrary Loan Policy.

Please note copyright and other rights restrictions may restrict the amount of copying that can be done. If we are unable to adequately identify the item that you require, we will cancel your order and refer you to our Ask-A-Librarian service for assistance.

Due to major building activity some of our collections are temporarily unavailable. This means that some Copies Direct orders will not be fulfilled. Please check the catalogue carefully to find out if your order is impacted. Find out more.

Reproductions from our collection

To place a request for a reproduction:

  • Find your item in the National Library Catalogue and select the 'order a copy' tab

Reproductions from the collections of other libraries

Use Trove, WorldCat or any other library catalogue to check the details of the material you are interested in.

  1. From Describe item and add to cart choose the 'order form for copies and reproductions' option specifying your material type.
  2. At the order details part of the order form select 'from another library' in the 'average delivery' drop down menu.

Borrowing from another library

This service is available to individuals who are able to visit the National Library in Canberra. The material must be used in the Main Reading Room at the Library.

  1. Use Trove, WorldCat or any other library catalogue to check the details of the material you wish to borrow.
  2. If you are onsite at the National Library you can locate and order material directly through Libraries Australia via the 'Get this Item' button
  3. From Describe item and add to cart choose the 'select loan form' and complete the form.

We may not be able to borrow or reproduce some material due to preservation, copyright or other permission restrictions.

Please email Digitisation on Demand with any enquiries.