An asterisk beside names in the lists below indicates those Patrons who donated during the 2022-2023 financial year.

Principal Patrons

gifts of $1,000,000 and above

Ms Jane Hemstritch AO* 

The Ian Potter Foundation 

The late Mrs Eva Kollsman 

Stokes Family 

Mr Kerry Stokes AC and Ms Christine Simpson Stokes AM 

Mr Ryan Kerry Stokes AO and Mrs Claire Stokes 

Susan and Isaac Wakil Foundation Pty Ltd 

Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation 

Estate of Mr John Gilbert 

Estate of Mr Harold S Williams OBE* 

Platinum Patrons

gifts of $250,000 and above

Ms Juliana Smeaton Edwards 

Friends of the National Library of Australia Inc* 

The late Ms Nora Heysen 

John T Reid Charitable Trusts 

Dr Michael Kassler and Dr Jamie Kassler 

Mrs Pat McCann 

The Myer Foundation* 

Opalgate Foundation, in memory of Cheng King Law* 

Dr John Seymour and Mrs Heather Seymour AO 

Sidney Myer Fund 

TLE Electrical* 

Ms Simone Vinall 

Estate of Miss Alison E Grant Lipp 

Estate of Joan, Lady Lindsay* 

Estate of Ms Maxine Poynton Baker 

Two supporters gave anonymously at this level.

Gold Patrons

gifts of $100,000 and above


Australian Ethical Food Group* 

Dr Marie-Louise Ayres FAHA and Dr Russell Ayres* 

CIMIC Group Limited 

Associate Professor Noel Dan AM and Mrs Adrienne Dan* 

Dick and Pip Smith Foundation* 

Professor Henry Ergas AO and Ms Gillian Bird PSM 

Harold Mitchell Foundation 

The Hippocrates Foundation* 

The late Ms Helen James and the late Dr Henry James Bettison 

Kenyon Foundation* 

Macquarie Group Foundation Limited 

The late Mr Robert Maynard 

Mr Kevin McCann AO and Mrs Deidre McCann* 

Minerals Council of Australia 

Planet Wheeler Foundation 

Professor Dimity Reed AM and Dr Garry Joslin 

The late Mrs Alison Sanchez 

Ms Anne-Marie Schwirtlich AM FAHA and Mr Stephen Yorke 

Emeritus Professor Dr Robert Shanks and Ms Josephine Shanks* 

Mr Doug Snedden AO and Ms Belinda Snedden* 

Thyne Reid Foundation 

Associate Professor Linnett Turner and Associate Professor David Turner* 

Mrs Sally White OAM and Mr Geoffrey White OAM* 

Estate of Mr Ralf Iannuzzi* 

Estate of Mr Alan Ives* 

Estate of Dr Ann Moyal AM 

Three supporters gave anonymously at this level.

Silver Patrons

gifts of $25,000 and above

Dr Marion Amies* 

Professor Kent Anderson 

Australian Jewish Historical Society 

Mrs Janette Bain and the late Mr Jim Bain AM 

Dr Diana J Carroll* 

In memory of the late Mrs Mavis Thorpe Clark 

Dr Patricia Clarke OAM FAHA* 

The late Ms Leah Cohen 

Dr RL Cope PSM* 

The late Mr Victor Crittenden OAM 

Mr Christopher Edye, in honour of George Henry Bruce* 

Dr NF Exon and Mrs DF Exon* 

The late Mr James O Fairfax AC 

Mr John B Fairfax AO and Mrs Libby Fairfax* 

Mr Tim Fairfax AC* 

Ms Catherine Hope Gordon* 

Gordon Darling Foundation 

Dr Ron Houghton DFC and the late Mrs Nanette Houghton 

JIBB Foundation 

Dr Ann Kent and the late Dr Bruce Kent* 

Emeritus Professor Joyce Kirk and Dr Terry Kirk* 

Mr David Lesnie 

The late Ms Marjorie Lindenmayer 

Linnaeus Estate 

Lovell Chen Pty Ltd 

The MacLeod Family Trust 

Dr Michael Martin and Ms Elizabeth Popovski* 

Dr Thomas Mautner* 

Miss Carol Moya Mills 

Mr Simon Moore 

Mrs Glennis Moss 

Origin Foundation 

Mrs Patricia Peck and the late Mr Nigel Peck AM 

The Pratt Foundation 

Emeritus Professor Alan Robson AO and Mrs Gwenda Robson* 

Mrs Margaret Ross AM and Dr Ian Ross 

Rotru Investments Pty Ltd for Mrs Eve Mahlab AO and the late Mr Frank Mahlab* 

In memory of the late Ms Della Keren Thomas 

Wesfarmers Limited     

Eight supporters gave anonymously at this level.

Bronze Patrons

gifts of $10,000 and above

The late Dr John Bennett AO 

Besen Family Foundation 

Mr Marc Besen AC and the late Mrs Eva Besen AO 

Mrs Alison J Bloomfield 

The Hon Justice Thomas Bradley KC* 

Dr Desmond Bright and Dr Ruth Bright AM 

The Calvert-Jones Foundation 

Mr Ian Campbell 

Ms Lyndsey Cattermole AM 

Ms M Chan* 

Ms Kristal Claasz 

Ms Christine Courtenay AM and the late Mr Bryce Courtenay AM 

Dr Joanne Daly and Dr Michael Adena* 

The Lord Ebury and the late Lady Ebury* 

Embassy of Israel in Australia 

F and J Ryan Foundation 

Mr James Ferguson 

The Hon Martin Ferguson AM* 

The late Lieutenant Colonel MA Fletcher JP 

Mr Philip Flood AO and Mrs Carole Flood 

Ms JL Fullerton AO* 

GHD Pty Ltd 

The late Sir James Gobbo AC CVO 

Mrs Jillian Goggs and Mr Stephen Goggs 

Mrs Rosanna Hindmarsh OAM* 

Mrs Claudia Hyles OAM 

Ms Margaret Jackson AC* 

Ms Irene Kaspar and Mr Peter Boege* 

Mr Frank Lewincamp PSM and Ms Barbara Lewincamp* 

Liberty Financial 

Mr Brian Long and Ms Cathy Long 


Manors Gate Group Pty Ltd 

The Hon Dr Brett Mason* 

Mrs Janet McDonald AO and Mr Donald McDonald AC 

Mr Peter McGovern AM* 

Mr Bruce Miller 

Ms Penelope Moyes, in memory of Judy Moyes and Peter Moyes* 

The late Dame Elisabeth Murdoch AC DBE 

Mrs Sarah Myer and the late Mr Baillieu Myer AC 

Mrs Maria Myers AC 

National Union of Australian University Students and Australian Union of Students Alumni 

Mr Eitan Neishlos 

Mrs Carol Nettelbeck and the late Professor Colin Nettelbeck FAHA 

Ms Sandra Nixon* 

Mr John Oliver and Mrs Libby Oliver* 

Ms Meg Paul* 

Dr Fiona Powell 

Ms Dianne Redwood and Mr Denis Foot* 

Professor Janice Reid AC FASSA 

Mrs Diana Ritch and the late Mr Jack Ritch* 

The late Mr David Roche AM 

The late Dr Maxine Rochester 

Ms Kay Rodda* 

Ms Carol Schwartz AO* 

The late Mrs Caroline Simpson 

The late Mr Robin VF Smith 

The Hon Mr James Spigelman AC KC* 

Mr Howard Tanner AM 

Ms Deborah Thomas 

Mr Robert Thomas AO* 

Trawalla Foundation* 

Ms Tricia Waller 

The WeirAnderson Foundation* 

Mrs Joy Wheatley and Mr Norman Wheatley* 

Wong Family 

Zimmermann International Pty Ltd 

Seven supporters gave anonymously at this level.


gifts of $1,000 and above

Ms Jill Adams* 

Mrs Lynette Adams* 

Ake Ake Fund 

Alexander Fax Booksellers 

Mr Scott Alison* 

Dr Michael Alpers AO CSM and Dr Deborah Lehmann AO* 

Mrs Margaret Anderson and Mr Bernard Hughes 

Mrs Sue Andrews 

Arkajon Communications Pty Ltd 


Asia Bookroom 

The late Ms Margaret Baggott and the late Ms Doreen Goodman 

Ms Kate Baillieu* 

Mr Simon Banks 

Ms Lucy Bantermalis 

Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps Inc 

Mr Rhett Bartlett 

Mr Sam Bartone and Mrs Elisabetta Bartone 

Mrs Nina Bassat AM and Mr Robert Bassat 

Dr David Bedford* 

Professor Diane Bell OAM* 

The Hon Dr Annabelle Bennett AO SC and Dr David Bennett AC KC 

Ms Baiba Berzins 

Dr Udai Bhati and Mrs Shanta Bhati* 

Mrs Phoebe Bischoff OAM 

Ms K Blackburn and Mr S Clugston* 

Professor Geoffrey Blainey AC and Mrs Ann Blainey* 

Book Lore 

Ms Emily Booker and Mr Richard Spencer* 

Dr Max Bourke AM and Ms Margaret Bourke 

The late Mr David Boyd OAM 

Mr Penleigh Boyd and Ms Robyn Boyd 

Mr Kevin Bradley PSM* 

Mr Peter Bradley* 

Ms Sarah Brasch* 

Dr Judith Brett AM* 

Mr Charles Bright and Mrs Primrose Bright* 

Mr Geoffrey Briot* 

Dr Elizabeth Brouwer and Dr Michael Young* 

Mr Howard Brown and Ms Jenny Brown* 

Mr Nicholas Brown 

Professor Mairéad Browne FALIA and Dr David Browne* 

Dr Geoffrey Burkhardt* 

Ms Eve Buscombe and Ms Dawn Richardson, in memory of William and Royal Buscombe 

Caiger Family 

Dr Geoffrey Cains and Mrs Sarah Cains 

The late Mrs Josephine Calaby 

Mrs Elaine Camage and the late Mr Graeme Camage 

Mr Alan Cameron AO 

Mrs Jennifer Cameron AM and Mr Barry Cameron 

Mrs Judith Campbell* 

The Reverend Edmund Campion 

Canberra Friends of Dili Inc. 

Mrs Joanna Capon OAM and the late Dr Edmund Capon AM OBE  

Mr Matt Carkeet* 

Mr Michael Carlton 

Carmelite Monastery Melbourne* 

Professor David Carment AM* 

Dr John Carmody 

Mr Ronald Casey and Ms Catherine Archbold* 

Dr Warwick Cathro and Ms Diana Dack* 

Mrs Susan Chessell* 

Ms Marilyn Christianson* 

Mr Ben Churcher* 

Dr Peter Cochrane and Dr Suzanne Rickard 

Coles Danziger Foundation* 

Emeritus Professor James Cotton and Mrs Fiona Cotton* 

Mr Nicholas Cowell* 

CRA International 

Mrs Helen Creagh and Professor Emeritus Dudley Creagh* 

Professor Robert Cribb and Mrs Susan Cribb 

Mr Malcolm Crompton 

Mrs Gloria Cumming 

Ms DK Cunningham* 

Mrs Carolyn Curnow* 

Mr Charles P Curran AC and Mrs Eva Curran 

Ms Perri Cutten and Mr Jo Daniell 

Professor Mahananda Dasgupta* 

Mr Brian Davidson 

Dr Barbara Dawson 

Mr Terry De Martin* 

Dr Michelle Deaker 

The Hon Mary Delahunty 

Mr Sean Dale Dengate 

Mrs Margaret Dent* 

The late Ms Lauraine Diggins OAM 

Dr Robert Dingley 

Mr Murray Doyle AAM* 

The late Dr Sophie Ducker 

Dr Annie Duncan and Mr Peter Duncan AO 

Ms Jane Edmanson OAM* 

Emeritus Professor Meredith Edwards* 

The late Hon RJ Ellicott AC KC 

The late Hon Justice Rae Else-Mitchell 

Dr Ian Ernst* 

Mrs Margaret Eva* 

Ms Elizabeth Evatt AC* 

Dr Suzanne Falkiner* 

Family History ACT 

The late Mrs Pauline Fanning ISO MBE 

Dr Vanessa Fanning* 

Dr Gabrielle Field and Mr Michael Field* 

Mrs Maureen Fisher 

Mr Richard Fisher 

Mr Brian Fitzpatrick* 

Mr Richard Flanagan* 

Dr Juliet Flesch* 

Mr King Fong OAM JP 

Mr Andrew Freeman FACS and Ms Diana Pelyk* 

Friends of the Library, Launceston Inc.* 

In memory of the late Ms Deborah Fuller 

Ms Janet Galley OAM 

Gandel Foundation 

Mrs Helen Garner 

Gaslight Books 

Ms Jennifer Giles* 

Rear Admiral James Goldrick AO CSC RAN 

Mr IJ and Mrs SB Gollings* 

Ms Christine Goode PSM 

Mr Andrew Gosling 

Ms Michelle Grant* 

Griffith 8 Book Group 

Ms Linda Groom* 

Mr Robert Grozier and Mrs Karen Grozier 

Dr Grazia Gunn and the late Emeritus Professor Ian Donaldson FAHA FBA FRSE 

Mr Roger Gyles AO KC and Mrs Alison Gyles 

Mr Peter Hack 

Mr Clive Haddock* 

Mr Sam Hallinan and Mrs Joanne Hallinan 

Mrs Isobel Hamilton 

Professor Margaret Harris 

Emeritus Professor Dennis Haskell AM 

Mr Colin Hauff* 

Mr Robert Hawes 

Ms Susan K Heal* 

Mr Michael Heard and Mrs Mary Heard 

Mr Robert Hefner and Ms Peggy Daroesman* 

Mrs Heather Henderson and the late Mr Peter Henderson AC 

The late Dr Basil S Hetzel 

Dr Peter Heysen AM* 

The late Mr Robert Hill-Ling AO and the late Mrs Rosemary Hill-Ling OAM 

Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects Pty Ltd* 

Ms Meredith Hinchliffe AM* 

Ms Eleanor Hing Fay* 

Mrs Janet Hirst* 

Dr Stephen Holt and Ms Elizabeth Nelson 

Ms Peggy Horn* 

Ms Gillian Hoysted* 

Mrs Margaret Hughes 

Hughes-Warrington Family 

Hughston Group* 

Mr Gary Humphries AO* 

Ms Elizabeth Hurst 

Dr Anthea Hyslop 

Dr Peter Ingle and Mrs Rosemary Ingle 

Inside History 

Ms Marilyn Jessop* 

Mr David MH John* 

The Hon Dr Gary Johns 

Dr Peter Wyllie Johnston 

Ms Noelle Jones* 

Professor Nicholas Jose and Dr Claire Roberts 

Mr Christopher Joyce* 

Ms Antonia Kasunic and Mr Nicholas Craft* 

Ms Joan Kennedy* 

Mr Gary Kent* 

The late Dr James Kerr AM 

Mr Anthony Ketley* 

Mr Robert Kirby and Mrs Mem Kirby OAM* 

Professor Wallace Kirsop* 


The late Dame Leonie Kramer AC OBE 

The Hon Justice Francois Kunc 

Ms Anne Latreille 

Mr Julian Leeser MP and Ms Joanna Davidson 

Mr Andrew Ligertwood and Mrs Virginia Ligertwood 

Mrs Penelope Lilley and the late Dr Frederick Lilley* 

Mr John Lines OAM and Ms Margaret Lines* 

Ms Robin Love* 

Dr Jan Lyall PSM and Mr Ken Lyall* 

Mr Michael Lynch and the late Ms Liz Lynch* 

Mr Gregor Macaulay* 

Professor Charles Campbell Macknight and Mrs Lorraine Macknight* 

Mr John Maffey OAM* 

Professor Emerita Susan Magarey AM and Professor Susan Sheridan* 

Ms Roslyn Maguire* 

Ms Janet Manuell SC 

The late Mr Robert B Mark 

Mr David Marr* 

Ms Kathleen Marshall 

RG and MG Marston* 

Mr Julian Martyn and Ms Linda Sproul 

Sir Anthony Mason AC KBE GBM 

Ms Evelyn Mason* 

Ms Sue Mathews 

Mrs Margaret May* 

Ms Robyn McAdam* 

Dr Conor McCarthy* 

Dr Ken McCracken and Mrs Gillian McCracken*  

Miss Jan McDonald* 

Mrs Vacharin McFadden and Mr Robert McFadden 

Mr Douglas McGuffog* 

The Hon Jeannette McHugh and The Hon Mr Michael McHugh AC KC 

The late Captain Paul McKay 

Ms Fiona McLeod AO SC 

Mr Ronald McLeod AM* 

Mr Simon McMillan* 

Mr Peter McMullin AM, in memory of the late Mr Neil McLean* 

Mr Chris Michalis 

The late Dr Alison Adele Millerd 

Mr Doug Milne* 

Dr Marjorie Moffatt* 

Ms Claire Moore 

Dr Louise Moran* 

Ms Jane Morley* 

Mr Stuart Morris 

Professor I Moses AO and Dr JA Moses* 

Mr Paul Munro* 

National Foundation for Australian Women 

Ms Jane Needham SC 

The late Hon Jocelyn Newman AO 

Ms Marion Newman* 

Dr Bennie Ng* 

Professor Brian O’Keeffe AO 

Paperchain Bookstore 

Mr Andrew Phelan AM* 

Ms Eve Phillips* 

The late Mrs PP Pickering 

Ms Cathy Pilgrim and Mr Steven Anderson* 

Mrs MC Pollard* 

Mr Chester Porter KC and Mrs Jean Porter 

Lady Potter AC CMRI 

Mr Richard Price 

Mrs Anne Prins* 

Dr Rapin Quinn and Dr Peter Quinn* 

Ms Frances Rand and the late Ms Barbara Farelly 

Professor Shirley Randell AO* 

Ms Pam Ray 

The late Mr WF (Bill) Refshauge 

Professor Anthony Reid 

The Hon Margaret Reid AO* 

Mr Ian Renard AM* 

Professor Craig Reynolds FAHA 

The late Mrs E Richardson OAM 

Professor Matthew Ricketson and Ms Gillian Callister 

Mr Ken Riordan 

Mr Ian Rischbieth* 

Ms Valerie Rivers 

Ms Rhyll Rivett 

Ms Jill Roberts* 

The late Mr G Robinson and the late Mrs B Robinson 

Mr Geoffrey Robinson and Ms Julie Burdis 

Mrs Pamela Robinson and Mr NJ Robinson 

The late Professor Emerita Jill Roe AO 

Professor Michael Roe 

Ms Penny Rogers* 

Rome Family 

Ms Christine Ronalds AO SC 

Mr Alan Rose AO and Mrs Helen Rose* 

Ms Rosalie Rotolo-Hassan* 

Royal Military College Classes of 1966, 1967 and 1968 

Mr Graeme Russell* 

Mr William Rutledge and Mrs Julia Rutledge* 

Mrs Ann Ryan 

Mr Bob Santamaria 

The Hon Justice Joseph Santamaria 

Ms Phillipa Saraceno 

The late Dr H Maurice Saxby AM 

LD Schofield-Olsen* 

Ms Pat Scott, in memory of the late Mr Arthur Scott* 

Dr Nick Seddon* 

Mr WS Semple 

Ms Tonia Shand AM 

The Reverend G Shaw and Mrs J Shaw* 

Mr Stephen Shelmerdine AM and Mrs Kate Shelmerdine 

Mr Tony Shepherd AO 

Mr Wayne Sheridan* 

In memory of the late Mr Edmund Simon* 

Ms Jane Simpson* 

Dr Marian Simpson and Mr Colin Simpson* 

Mrs Mary Simpson and Mr Antony Simpson 

Dr Kerry Smith AM* 

Ms Melissa Smith 

Ms Wendy Smith* 

Dr David Solomon AM* 

Mr Ezekiel Solomon AM 

Mr David Spratt* 

Mr Paul Stanton 

Mrs Helene Stead* 

Associate Professor Bruce Steele AM 

Ms E Stone 

Dr Jennifer Strauss AM* 

Ms Kaaren Sutcliffe and Mr Andrew Sutcliffe 

Mr Doug Sutherland AM 

Mr Robin Syme AM and Mrs Rosemary Syme* 

The late Ms Felicity Teague 

Mr Grahame Thom* 

Mr Arnold Thomas 

Mrs Angela Thorn and the late Mr Bill Thorn 

Associate Professor Gerald Thurnwald AM* 

Dr Bernadette Tobin AO and Mr Terence Tobin KC 

Ms Daniela Torsh* 

Mrs Geraldine Triffitt* 

Dr Elizabeth Truswell* 

Professor Trent Twomey 

Dr Hugh Tyndale-Biscoe AM* 

Mr John Uhrig AC and Mrs Shirley Uhrig 

Mr Charles Ulm and Dr Jacqui Strecker* 

Mrs Valda Ulm and the late Mr John Ulm 

The late Ms Elaine van Kempen 

Mr Frank van Straten AM 

Mr John Vines* 

The late Mr Gerald Walsh MA 

Mr Patrick Walters* 

Ms Lucille Warth 

Dr Jill Waterhouse* 

Ms Alexandra Wedutenko* 

Mr Sam Weiss and Mrs Judy Weiss 

The late Mr Lou Westende OAM 

Ms Helen White and Mr Bob Richardson 

Ms Linda White* 

Dr Peter White* 

Ms Wendy Whitham* 

Dr Brendan Whyte and Mrs Suthida Whyte 

Mr Doug Wickens and Mrs Betty Wickens 

Dr IS Wilkey and Mrs H Wilkey* 

Emeritus Professor David Williams AM* 

Ms Helen Rodda Williams AC* 

Mrs Lyn Williams AM 

Ms B Willoughby-Thomas 

Ms Peta Winzar* 

Ms Susan Wishart* 

In memory of the late Mr John Withell* 

Dr Susan-Mary Withycombe, in memory of the late Reverend Canon Dr Robert Withycombe* 

Mr Greg Wood and Mrs Marie Wood* 

Dr Malcolm Wood and Ms Ruth Wood 

Estate of HC Coombs 

Estate of Bruce Mainka 

Estate of the late Ms Helen Woodger 

Eighty-five supporters gave anonymously at this level. 

Founding Patrons 

Dr Marion Amies* 

Mrs Phoebe Bischoff OAM 

The late Mrs Josephine Calaby 

Dr RL Cope PSM* 

The late Mr Victor Crittenden OAM 

The late Ms Lauraine Diggins OAM 

The late Lady Ebury 

Mr Andrew Freeman FACS* 

Ms JL Fullerton AO* 

Griffith 8 Book Group 

Mrs Claudia Hyles OAM 

Professor Joyce Kirk and Dr Terry Kirk* 

Dr Jan Lyall PSM 

Mrs Vacharin McFadden and Mr Robert McFadden 

Mr Peter McGovern AM* 

Mrs Glennis Moss

Mr John Oliver and Mrs Libby Oliver* 

The late Mrs PP Pickering 

Emeritus Professor Alan Robson AO and Mrs Gwenda Robson* 

Ms Kay Rodda* 

Rotru Investments Pty Ltd for Mrs Eve Mahlab AO and the late Mr Frank Mahlab* 

Mrs Angela Thorn and the late Mr Bill Thorn 

Mr John Ulm and Mrs Valda Ulm 

Ms Lucille Warth 

The National Library thanks the many generous individuals and organisations who have contributed material to the Library’s collection.