Harold White Fellows from 1991 to 2000. The Harold White Fellowship program was suspended in 2014, with a new Fellowship and Scholarship program launched from 2016.


Professor Carole Carpenter, Associate Professor, Division of Humanities, York University, Toronto, Canada
Constructing and reconstructing identity: folklore in Australian children's literature in English

Dr Bridget Griffen-Foley, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of History, University of Sydney
A study of the relationship between Australian media companies, their proprietors and politicians and political parties, 1945-75

Mr David Hansen, Senior curator of Art, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
John Glover and the colonial picturesque

Dr Doug Munro, Temporary Lecturer in History, University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji
A biography of J.W. Davidson (1915-1973)

Dr Michael Symons, Freelance writer, Adelaide
A history of Australian dining out


Dr David Branagan, formerly Associate Professor of Geology and Geophysics at Sydney University.
Biography of geologist Sir Edgeworth David (1858-1934).

Ms Paula Byrne, independent Canberra scholar.
Research on law and manners in colonial New South Wales.

Professor Peter Edwards of Sydney University.
Biography of Sir Arthur Tange.

Dr Sarah Lloyd of the Australian National University.
Poverty, charity and gender in Britain in the period 1700-1820.

Professor Joan Rydon Professor of Political Science, La Trobe University from 1975 to 1989.
Study of the political career of Sir Archdale Parkhill.


Professor Geoffrey Bolton, Emeritus Professor of History, Edith Cowen University and Murdoch University, Perth, W.A.
Biography of Sir Edmund Barton
The Problem of History

Professor Margaret Harris, Professor of English Literature, University of Sydney
Unpublished writings of Christina Stead

Mr John Shortis, Freelance composer and musician, Bungendore, NSW
Sheet Dip: the National Library's Australian Sheet Music Collection

Dr David Tothill, Freelance historian, Pretoria
South Africa, Australia and the United Nations, 1945-61

Professor John Warhurst, Professor of Political Science, Australian National University, Canberra
The First Green Decade: the Australian Conservation Foundation and Environmental Politics, 1963-73


Professor Graham Hair, Professor of Music, University of Glasgow
Don Banks, Australian composer

Dr Elizabeth Lawson, Senior Lecturer in English, University College of the University of New South Wales, Australian Defence Force Academy
Birds and the Australian imagination

Dr David Lowe, Lecturer in History, Deakin University
Percy Spender: a biography

Professor Gananath Obeyesekere, Professor of Anthropology, Princeton University, Princeton, USA
Cannibal talk: the practice and discourse of anthropology and anthropophagy in Polynesia in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

Dr Barry York, Independent historian, Canberra
Big Chief Little Wolf: folklore, folk heroes and professional wrestling in Australia


Professor Patricia Veronica Brady, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Department of English, University of Western Australia
A biography of Judith Wright

Dr Peter John Cochrane, Senior Lecturer, Department of History, University of Sydney
Anglo-Australia: A Study of Herbert and Ivy Brookes

Ms Ann Jackson-Nakano, Independent historian, Canberra
A history of the Ngunnawal, 1788-1938

Dr Vera Christine Mackie, Director, Women's Studies Programme, University of Melbourne
Gender, ethnicity and citizenship in contemporary Japan

Dr Christopher Tiffin, Senior Lecturer, Department of English, University of Queensland.
An edition of My Australian Girlhood by Rosa Praed


Dr Maryanne Dever, Lecturer in Australian Studies, University of Hong Kong
'M. Barnard Eldershaw': the Literary Collaboration of Marjorie Barnard and Flora Eldershaw

Dr Peter Jackson, Executive Officer, National Thai Studies Centre, Australian National University
Karthoeys: a History of Thailand's Third Gender

Dr John Knott, Senior Lecturer in History, Australian National University
The Motor Car and Australian Society


Professor Ian Hancock, Reader in History, Australian National University
History of the Federal Liberal Party of Australia, 1944-1965

Mrs Ros Poignant, Freelance Anthropologist
Axel Poignant's Diary and Photographic Record of his stay in Nagalarramba, Arnhem Land, in 1952

Dr Michael Rosenthal, Senior Lecturer in Art History, University of Warwick, UK
Home and Away: The British and Australia, 1770-1840


Professor Donald Harman Akenson, Professor of History, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada
The Irish Diaspora

Dr Patricia Clarke, Freelance Writer
A Biography of Rosa Praed (1851-1935)

Professor Hu Wenzhong, Director Australian Studies Centre, Beijing Foreign Studies University
Australia's Critical Reception of Patrick White: a Survey

Dr Charles Campbell MacKnight, Reader in History, Australian National University
Three Projects in Indonesian History: Purry's 'Memoirs', a History of Early Java and a La Galigo Translation

Dr Ann Moyal, Freelance Historian
Science and Technology in Australia: a Cultural History

Dr Marc Serge Riviere, Senior Lecturer in Modern Languages, James Cook University of North Queensland
A Critical Edition of Voltaire's 'Age of Louis XIV'

Dr Nicholas Jeremy Thomas, Senior Research Fellow, Department of Archaeology & Anthropology, Australian National University
Australian Perceptions of South Pacific Islanders, 1860-1914

Dr Paul Turnbull, Senior Lecturer in History, James Cook University of North Queensland
The Procurement and Scientific Use of Aboriginal Remains, 1790-1990


Dr Ian Michael Britain, Formerly Lecturer in History, University of Melbourne
Re-domesticating the Gothic in Eighteenth-Century England: Thomas Gray and his Influence

Professor John Philips Hardy, Professor of Humanities, Bond University
The World of Wit and Poetry: a Reading of Alexander Pope

Dr Andrew Leonard Hassam, Lecturer in English, Trinity College Camarthen, UK
Narrating the Passage: Immigrants' Journals and the Voyage Out

Professor William Frederick Mandle, Professor of History, University of Canberra
The Oxford Movement (1833-1845) Considered as an Exercise in Propaganda and Communication


Dr Stephen Gordon Alomes, Lecturer in Australian Studies, Deakin University
The Cultural Aspirations of Post-War Development in Australia, as Reflected in Planning for Community Development and a National Theatre

Ms Sara Dowse, Writer
Cross Currents: The Search for Lisa Fitch

Dr Eric Charles Fry, Formerly Reader in History, Australian National University
Australian Federal Politics, 1949-1972

Dr Paul Gillen, Senior Lecturer School of Humanities & Social Sciences, University of Technology, Sydney
The Cultural and Political Philosophy of Jack Lindsay

Dr Drid Williams, Lecturer, Department of Music, University of Sydney
Human Danced Experiences: a Pilot Project on Australian Resources