Recipients of the National Library of Australia Asia Study Grants undertake research relating to Asia through intensive use of our rich and varied Asian language and Asia-related collections.

2024 Asia Study Grant Recipients

Supported by the Harold S. Williams Trust

Dr Anita Dewi (Charles Sturt University)
Libraries, librarianship, and librarians in Indonesia: the past and present

Ms Rafiqa Qurrata Ayun (University of Melbourne)
Revisiting the origin of Indonesia's blasphemy law; how illiberal politics shapes the discriminative law

Supported by Opalgate Foundation

Associate Professor Olivia Khoo (Monash University)
Genealogies of Asian Australian Leadership

Associate Professor Shih-Wen Chen (Deakin University)
Science, Children, and the Environment in Chinese Children's Literature, 1875-1945

Miss Suprawee Asanasak (University of Melbourne)
Translation and Transmission of Thai Legal Tradition

2023 Asia Study Grant Recipients

Supported by the Harold S. Williams Trust

Dr Yao-Tai Li (University of New South Wales)
The changing rhetoric of racial discrimination against Chinese migrants in Australia after 1973
Read blog post: Exploring the experiences of Chinese migrants in Australia

A/Prof Joanna Elfving-Hwang (The University of Western Australia)
Cosmetic Matters: The Body and Beauty Work in Korea

Miss Ruonan Chen (Australian National University)
Making Hospitals in Tibet

Mr Yahia Zhengtang Ma (The University of Melbourne)
Chinese Gay Men in Australia: Difference and Sameness, Border and Bordering
Read blog post: Q&A with Yahia Ma

Dr Andres Rodriguez (The University of Sydney)
Moving War: Connectivity and Regionalism in China’s Burma Road, 1937-45.

Supported by Kent Anderson

Ms Ausma Bernotaite (Griffith University)
The digital infrastructure of the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China

2022 Asia Study Grant Recipients

Supported by the Harold S. Williams Trust

Dr Annisa R. Beta (University of Melbourne)
A Genealogy of Modern Indonesian Girls
Read blog post: Q&A with Annisa Beta

Mr Tyler Gleason (University of Melbourne)
The cultural construction of HIV and AIDS in China’s provincial and local newspapers in the 1980s

Dr Mei-fen Kuo (Macquarie University)
Documenting Chinese Australian community in the context of Cold War

Mr Jayson Jimenez (University of Tasmania)
Archipelagic Migration and Climate Change: Revisiting the Beyer Archive

Ms Younghye Whitney (Australian National University and University of Western Australia)
Transnational Intellectual Networks and Social Movements in South Korea 1970s - 1980s

Supported by Kent Anderson

Dr Warren Sun (Monash University)
The Honest Bloke Who Turned China Around-- A chronicle of Chairman Hua Guofeng’s Political Career (1971-1981)

2021 Asia Study Grants recipients

Supported by the Harold S. Williams Trust

Professor Adrian Vickers (University of Sydney)
Indonesian, Malaysian and Netherlands Indies Sources on Australia, 1930–1970

Dr Benjamin Hegarty (University of Melbourne)
Twenty-five years of HIV/AIDS in Indonesia: epidemiological histories and community memories

Mr Yang Zhao (University of Queensland)
Changes of masculinities and national narrative of Uyghur men in China’s state-run media, 1949 – 2019

Dr Tets Kimura (Flinders University)
Discovering social, political and cultural backgrounds behind Japanese war art made by civilians (Japanese diaspora) and POWs (Japanese nationals) in Australian internment camps during the Second World War

Dr Kathryn Kelly (Queensland University of Technology)
A Special Relationship: Connections between Japanese and Australian artists and artistic movements in modern and contemporary Japan and Australia

Supported by Kent Anderson

Professor Yi-Chong Xu (Griffith University)
The State Council -- the core executive government in China

Supported by Manor Gate Group

Dr Craig Smith (University of Melbourne)
Chinese Perspectives on the China-Australia Relationship: Critical Documents from 1850 to 1972

2020 Asia Study Grant recipients

Supported by the Harold S. Williams Trust

Dr Megan Rose (University of NSW)
Turning anger into smiles: an exploration of relationship between Kawaii culture and feminist activism

Mr Ahmad Rizky Mardhatillah Umar (University of Sydney)
The idea of Asia in world politics

Ms Faye Chan (University of Melbourne)
Citizenship vs alienage and the intersectionality of law, race and gender: the legal status of Chinese Indonesian women, 1850-2014

Dr Minerva Inwald (University of Sydney)
The Socialist Art Front: Revolutionary Practice and the Fine Arts in the People’s Republic of China, 1962–1979

Dr Arjun Subrahmanyan (Murdoch University)
Democracy fulfilled and betrayed: culture and politics in Thailand, 1945-1958

Supported by the Wong Family

Mr Jiyuan Yin (University of Melbourne)
Scandal: sex, race and power in Treaty Port China 1890-1920

Supported by Professor Kent Anderson

Mr Jonathan Peter (University of Melbourne)
The Indonesian student movement as a historic entity

Supported by private funders

Dr Pan Wang (University of NSW)
Love in China – 1950s to the present

A/Prof Chi Kong Lai (University of Queensland)
Australian Chinese business practices and strategies, 1900-2000

Supported by generous donors to the National Library of Australia

Dr Tin Kei Wong (University of Adelaide)
Preaching womanhood: American Protestant missionary Laura M. White and her Chinese translations of English fiction

Supported by Manors Gate Group

Dr Yu Tao (University of Western Australia)
The history of Australia in Chinese language publications (1979-2019)

2019 Asia Study Grant recipients

Supported by the Harold S. Williams Trust

Ms Thi Huyen Linh Nguyen (University of Wollongong)
Mediascapes and national imaginaries: LGBT characters in media in Vietnam

Mr Ravando Lie (University of Melbourne)
Re-Examining the Voices of Progressive Chinese-Indonesian Nationalists: The History of Sin Po, 1910-1965

Mr Bernard Keo (Monash University)
Cosmopolitan Lives: The Peranakan Chinese in SoutheastAsia, 1918-1937

Ms Kwannie Krairit (University of Wollongong)
Reading and Re-creating: The Adaptation of Shōnen Manga in Thailand

Mr Atsushi Yamagata (University of Wollongong)
Japanese responses to refugees

Supported by Alice Wong

Dr Yichi Zhang (University of Technology Sydney)
Intertwining modernities: shaping the urbanism of China mercantile

Supported by Professor Kent Anderson

Associate Professor Melissa Crouch (University of New South Wales)
Legal Legacies of Authoritarian Regimes: The Role of Courts in Myanmar

Supported by private funders

Dr Steven Farram (Charles Darwin University)
Social and political dimensions of Indonesian and Timor-Leste popular music, 1960s-1980s

Associate Professor Thomas Barker (Independent scholar, QLD)
Debating National Cinema in Indonesia: 1950 to 1965

Mr Toshiki Asakura-Ward (University of Adelaide)
A Biography of the Yokohama Foreign General Cemetery: Memorialisation of 'Foreigners' since the Meiji Era

Supported by generous donors to the National Library of Australia

Ms Shan Windscript (University of Melbourne)
Discourse of Diary-Writing and Ideals of Socialist Selfhood in Maoist China, c1950s-1976

Supported by Global Business College of Australia

Dr Sanzhuan Guo (Flinders University)
Dual nationality, overseas China and international relations: past, present and future

Professor Louise Edwards (University of New South Wales)
Peace and pacifism in China

Dr Lintao Qi (Monash University)
Literature in the service of cultural diplomacy: patronage and the circulation of China literature

Supported by Manors Gate Group

Mrs Rebecca Hausler (University of Queensland)
Japan's literary ghosts: The haunting of theatrical productions depicting wartime internment

Honorary Grant Recipients

Dr Shengyu Fan (Australian National University)
The Story of the Stone’s Journey to the West

2018 Asia Study Grant recipients

Supported by the Harold S. Williams Trust

Professor John Crossley (Monash University)
The Earliest History of the Spanish Philippines

Dr Joost Coté (Monash University)
Colonial knowledge: Constructing a ‘science’ of the East Indies, 1850-1910

Dr Emma Dalton (RMIT University)
Gender and the Japan Self-Defense Forces

Ms Debbie Chan (University of Western Australia)
The “Zero” Masculinity of the Modern Boy: Contesting the Meaning of Modern Boy: Contesting the Meaning of Modern Masculinity in Interwar Japan

Mr Oscar Jr Sequiña (University of Melbourne)
Trainable Tongues: Pedagogical and Performative Sites of Speech in the Philippines

Supported by Alice Wong

Mr Kent Wan (University of Queensland)
The Rise of Hong Kong Identity Political Conflicts in the Colony, 1949-1989

Supported by Professor Kent Anderson

Dr Vannessa Hearman (Charles Darwin University)
From Dili to Darwin: The 1995 voyage of the Tasi Diak asylum seeker boat and its aftermath

Supported by private funders

Dr Alistair Welsh (Deakin University)
Australia’s Forgotten Coco Islanders: Historical Migrations, Cultural Identity and Citizenship

Dr Hironori Onuki (University of Wollongong)
The Politics of Temporary Worker Programs in Contemporary Japan

Supported by Global Business College of Australia

Dr Yingchi Chu (Murdoch University)
Chinese Cartoons as Visual Discourse

Ms Xiaoqing Kong (University of Queensland)
Dwelling in Shenzhen: Development of Living Environment from 1979 to 2018

Mr Shensi Yi (University of Sydney)
Young Revolutionaries in the Cosmopolitan Metropolis: Shanghai’s Local Communists, 1920 – 1935

Honorary Grant Recipients

Dr Olivier Krischer (Australian National University)
Picturing China for the World – Stanley O. Gregory, Kelly & Walsh publishers and photographic books in 1920s-30s China

Dr Rina Kikuchi (Shiga University)
Japanese Women’s Poetry before and during the Asia-Pacific War of World War II