We are striving to increase the representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees in our workforce and to continue to build respectful relationships with communities and connect them with our collections.

Managing significant material in our collections relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples requires knowledge and connection with communities with close involvement of our First Nations staff. 

Your contribution is critical to help deliver core services, to build, manage and preserve our collections for future generations, and ensure Australia's stories can be shared with respect and sensitivity. The Library is a place where people can grow, be happy and well in a safe, open and inclusive workplace.

From oral history, folklore, photography, and public programs, to marketing, IT, pictures and manuscripts, and information management – there is a place for you at the Library.  

The Library offers a wide variety of specialist and generalist jobs, including:

  • Work with the Library’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander collection  
  • Indigenous engagement roles to collect, preserve and share our collection in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • Collections management roles in preservation, cataloguing, acquisitions, special collections, curatorship and archiving
  • Work on exhibitions and outreach roles in education, marketing, editorial/publishing and public exhibitions
  • IT roles supporting the Library’s TROVE research platform connecting hundreds of libraries, museums, galleries, the media, government and community organisations
  • Corporate roles in finance, human resources, executive support, building management and records management.