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Plate of SYDNEY PARKINSON to face the Title.
A Man, Woman & Child, of Terra del Fuego, in the Dress of that Country. Page 26.
View of a Village in the Bay of Good Success, in the Island of Terra del Fuego. Page 30.
A Native of Otaheite, in the Dress of his Country. Page 36.
IV. Venus Fort, Erected by the Endeavour's People to secure themselves during the Observation of the Transit of Venus, at Otaheite. Page 39.
V. A Woman & a Boy, Natives of Otaheite, in the Dress of that Country. Page 49.
VI. House and Plantation of a Chief of the Island of Otaheite. Page 52.
VII. The Head of a Native of Otaheite, with the Face curiously tataow'd; And the wry mouth, or manner of defying their Enemies as practis'd by the People of that, & the Neighbouring Islands. Page. 53.
VIII. Heads of divers Natives of the Islands of Otahheite, Huahine, & Oheiteroah. Page 56.
IX. The Lad Taiyota, Native of Otaheite, in the Dress of his Country. Page. 96.
X. A Morai, or Burial Place, in the Island of Yoolee-Etea. Page. 101.
XI. An Heiva, or kind of Priest of Yoolee-Etea, & the Neighbouring Islands. Page 102.
XII. A Boat-House, in which the Natives of Yoolee-Etea, and the Neighbouring Islands, preserve their Canoes of State from the Weather. Page 108.
XIII. Various Instruments, & Utensils, of the Natives of Otaheite, & of the adjacent Islands. Page 109.
XIV. View of the North Side of the Entrance into Poverty Bay, & Morai Island, in New Zealand. 1. Young Nick's Head. 2. Morai Island.
  View of another Side of the Entrance into the said Bay. Page 121.
XV. A New Zealand Warrior in his Proper Dress, & Compleatly Armed, According to their Manner. Page 124.
XVI. The Head of a Chief of New-Zealand, the face curiously tataowd, or mark'd, according to their Manner. Page 127.
XVII. The manner in which the New Zealand Warriors defy their Enemies. Page 129.
XVIII. A War Canoe, of New Zealand. Page 130.
XIX. A New Zealand Warrior, & his Wife, in the Dress &c, of that Country. Page. 136.
XX. View of a curious Arched Rock, having a River running under it, in Tolago Bay, on the East Coast of New Zealand. Page. 137.
XXI. Head of Otegoongoon, Son of a New Zealand Chief, the face curiously tataow'd. Page 148.
XXII. View of the great Peak, & the adjacent Country, on the West Coast of New Zealand. Page. 153.
XXIII. The Heads of six Men, Natives of New Zealand, ornamented According to the Mode of that Country. Page 158.
XXIV. View of an Arched Rock, on the Coast of New Zealand, with an Hippa, or Place of Retreat, on the Top of it. Page. 159.
XXV. MAP of the Coast of NEW ZEALAND discovered in the Years 1769 and 1770... Page 168.
XXVI. Various Kinds of Insruments Utensils &c, of the Inhabitants of New Zealand, with some Ornaments &c, of the People of Terra del Fuego & New Holland. Page 173.
XXVII. Two of the Natives of New Holland, Advancing to Combat. Page 180.

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