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Table of Contents

1....Preface by the Editor.
20....PART I. Comprehending the occurences that happened from the ship's departure from England
27....The description of the country and natives of Terra del Fuego
35....Arrival at and description of the islands and natives of Otaheite
59....Observation of the Transit of Venus
60....Table of the rise and fall of the thermometer during the ship's stay at Otaheite
61....The island and natives of Otaheite (cont.)
67....Descriptive catalogue of plants, medical, culinary, &c. found on that island
79....Vocabulary of the language of Otaheite, with remarks
95....Departure from Otaheite
102....Description of the country and natives of Yoole-Etea, with the neighbouring islands
109....Description and delineation of the various warlike and domestic implements of Otaheite and the adjacent isles
113....PART II. Comprehending the occurences met with from leaving Yoolee-Etea to the time of the ship's departure from the coast of New Zealand.
120....Views of the head-lands and delineations of the coast, country, and inhabitants, of New Zealand
133....Description of the chiefs, warriors, and war-canoes, &c. of New-Zealand
139....Picturesque views on the coast
157....Singular head-dresses of the natives
167....Map of the coast of New Zealand
170....Vocabulary of the New Zealand Tongue
173....Description and delineation of the military weapons and household implements, personal adornments, &c. of New-Zealand
177....PART III. Comprehending the incidents that happened from the time of the ship's leaving New-Zealand, to its arrival at and departure from Batavia for Europe. Account of the country, natives, and natural produce, of New-Holland
191....Vocabulary of the language of New-Holland
205....Vocabulary of the language of the natives of the island of Savoo
216....Description of the city, inhabitants, customs, and persons trading to Batavia
225....Vocabulary of the Malayan Language, spoken at Batavia, called the Low-Malay
236....Vocabulary of the language spoken at Anjenga, on the coast of Malabar, called at Batavia, the high or proper Malay
239....Vocabulary of the language of the natives of Sumatra
250....PART IV. Comprehending an account of the ship's voyage home from Batavia
256....Directions to the Binder for placing the Cuts.

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