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About this Edition

This edition of Sydney Parkinsons Journal of a Voyage to South Seas was created by applying FineReader optical character reading software to 300 dots per inch TIFF format image files of the London 1773 edition of the Journal edited and published by Stanfield Parkinson. The images files were created from photocopies of a microfilm copy of the journal.

The electronic transcript was then corrected and chronologically related to the South Seas transcriptions of the Cook and Bank journals and volumes two and three of Hawkesworths Account of the Voyagesin the Southern Hemisphere (1773).

Readers familiar with the original print version of the Journal will know that its chapter headings do not entirely correspond to the sections into which the text of the book is divided. Therefore several additional chapter headings have been added to this online edition to provide readers with easier access to sections of the text and to help in the comparison and contrast of specific parts of Parkinsons account of the voyage with those of Cook, Banks and that compiled by John Hawkesworth.

As with Cook and Bankss journals, Parkinsons spelling and punctuation have been retained with the exception of the long s that was represented typographically by the letter f prior to 1800.

Paul Turnbull
March 2004

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