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On this day ...
16 January 1771

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James Cook
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Vocabulary of Sumatra


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Vocabulary of Sumatra (continued)

This side of the island is pretty high, and covered with wood, excepting plantations of rice, upon which we saw several houses. The other side is plain flat ground, and abounds with plantations of pisang, calappa, and other fruits. The people who are upon it have been there between three and four years, and came from the main land of Java; and it is most likely dispossessed the former inhabi-tants. They are all Mahometans. It was the month of Ramezan when we were there, and in this month they never eat in the day-time. They have a Radja, or king, who, indeed, is but a poor one. They wear a piece of cotton check about their waists, which reaches to their knees, and another piece over their shoulders. Their hair is very mean, and unlike that of the Malays, which is very fine. *

* Here ends S. Parkinsons journal.

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