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Vocabulary of Sumatra


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Vocabulary of Sumatra (continued)

Patsa, The navel.
Padja, The back.
Pakow peeng, The sides.
Quintaow, The shoulders.
Tchoo, The arms.
Cöai, The arm-pits.
Tche aowtee, The elbow.
Tchoo pooä, The hand.
Tchoo tang seeäm, The palm of the hand.
Tsung taow, The fingers.
Cajang, The hips.
Cada tooe, The thighs.
Cadaow, The knees.
Cäooto, The legs.
Catsat, The ancles.
Ca, The foot.
Cojang taow, The toes.
Catchù atù, The sole of the foot.


Chit. One.
Nung, Two.
Sa, Three.
See, Four.
Ingo, Five.
La, Six.
Chee, Seven.
Poe, Eight.
Ca, Nine.
Tsap, Ten.
Tsapet, Eleven.
Tsapgee, Twelve.
Tsee tsap, Twenty.
Tsee et, Twenty-one.

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