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Malay spoken at Anjenga


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Malay spoken at Anjenga (continued)

Mana, To smell.
Chulloo, To speak.


Onoo, One.
Randoo, Two.
Mono, Three.
Nalieu, Four.
Unjoo, Five.
Aroo, Six.
Yalloo, Seven.
Yuttoo, Eight.
Weinbuthoo, Nine.
Patoo, Ten.
Patoo nonoo, Eleven, &c.
Eeroowadoo, Twenty.
Moopada, Thirty.
Nailpada, Forty.
Unpada, Fifty.
Aroopada, Sixty.
Irrewothe, Seventy.
Unbuthoo, Eighty.
Tonorra, Ninety.
Norra, One hundred.

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