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Malay spoken at Batavia


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Malay spoken at Batavia (continued)

Sooda, It is done.
Tallalo mahal, It is too much.
Adda bai, They are good.
Trada bai, They are not good.
Adda, I have.
Troda, I have not.
Cassee gooa, Give me.
Marro de seinne, Come hither.
Pasang leeling, Light the candle.
Goonte leeling, Snuff the candle.
Boingoos, Blow your nose.
Sapo camre, Sweep the chamber.
Barapee, How much?
Barapee saloo rupea, How many for a rupee?
Barapee maon, What is the price of this?
Adda cowss sootra, Have you got any silk stockings?
Appa catta, What says he?
Dee manna, Where is such a one?
Jallang dee sanne, Which is the way?
Salama tidor, Good night.

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