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Malay spoken at Batavia


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Malay spoken at Batavia (continued)

Assup, Smoke.
Keelap, Lightening.
Goontoor, Thunder.
Oontor, The rainbow.
Leendo, An earthquake.
Orang, Men, mankind, or people.
Lakee lakee, A man.
Orang tooa, An old man.
Parampooan, A woman, or a young woman.
Anna paraowan, A virgin.
Booda, or Anna lakee lakee, A boy.
Anna parampooan, A girl.
Annae or anna, A child.
Cumbar, Twins.
Bappa, or pappa, A father.
Ma, A mother.
Cake, A grandfather.
Naimai, A grandmother.
Bappa teerree, A step-father.
Mateeree, A step-mother.
Anna lakee, A son.
Anna parampooan, A daughter.
Soodara lakee, A brother.
Soodara parampooan, A sister.
Lakee, A husband.
Beene, A wife.
Cawin, A wedding.
Orang cawin, The bridegroom.
Boodjang, A widow.
Peeatoo, An orphan.
Anna soondal, A bastard.
Taman, A friend.
Manchoree, A thief.
Orang boota, A blind man.

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