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20 September - 3 October 1770

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Vocabulary of Savoo


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Vocabulary of Savoo (continued)

After a stay of two or three days, we left Savoo, and, on the 1st of October, in the morning, discovered Java and Princes Islands. We directed our course through the Straits of Sundy; and, in the afternoon, passed a small island, upon which we saw a very high hill, of a conical figure, and several small ones. This is called the Isle of Crocata: We saw also Pepper-Point. In the night, the wea-ther was squally, and we had rain, with thunder and lightening. By our reckoning we found that Java Head is about 14° 22 to the west of Timor. We had a brisk trade-wind from the S. E. and very near over-shot the Straits; but not finding land, we hauled to the eastward, and luckily got into the Straits to the leeward of Princes Island. Our latitude, at noon, was 6° 9.

On the 2d, we sailed up as far as Angor Point, where we were becalmed, and waited for the current, which sets to the south till the monsoon shifts. We saw two Indiamen at anchor in Angor Bay. This was a pleasing sight; and, being impa-tient to hear news from England, the pinnace was hoisted out, and some of our people went on board of them, who learned that the Swallow had arrived safe in the English channel; that fresh disturbances had arisen at home, in respect to the ministers, and in America on account of taxes; that the flame of war was like to break out; that the Russians, Poles, and Turks, were already embroiled in a war, and that the Russians had made some vigorous attacks upon the Turks both by sea and land. We sent the boat on shore for some plantains and cocoa-nuts; and, in the evening, having a gentle breeze, we weighed anchor, and stood through between Angor Point and the opposite shore, and past Keita island. The land of Sumatra seemed very near, and appeared to be exceeding high. We had also a more distinct view of Java, which was woody, and very high, particularly Bantam-hill, which is to be seen at a great distance.

On the 3d, we got up near to Bantam Point, or Point St. Nicholas, where we were becalmed, and dropped anchor. We saw a Chinese vessel pass along the Straits, with Chinese colours flying, which were white, and had a broad border, partly blue and partly black: in the middle of it several Chinese characters, and a star, which were painted of the latter colour. She had one mast; an oblong square sail, a bamboo yard, and an awning, or house, in the middle.

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