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On this day ...
19 - 20 September 1770

Endeavour Voyage Maps
James Cook
Joseph Banks

Vocabulary of Savoo


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Vocabulary of Savoo (continued)

Pàgavee, The chin.
Row, na voobo, The mustachios.
Row, vee, The beard.
Lacòco, The neck.
Làdogòro, The throat.
Soofoo, The breasts.
Caboo soofoo, The nipples.
Dùloo, The belly.
Assoo, The navel.
Kòlogoòno, The shoulders.
Càmacoò, The arms.
Làrabòrro, The arm-pits.
Vosëoo, The elbows.
Balbaö, The wrist.
Wùlaba, The hand.
Daraba, The palm of the hand.
Dunèäba, The back of the hand.
Kisooë aïaï, The thumb.
Kisooë Aïyooyoo, The forefinger.
Kisooë Aitororro, The two next fingers.
Kisooë Eikee, The little finger.
Koo-oo, The nails.
Voorai, The backside.
Tooga, The thighs.
Roòtoo, The knees.
Làracrùkee, The hams.
Baibo, The legs.
Dooloomoònoo baibo, The calves of the legs.
Pàcalai, The ancles.
Duneeäla, The feet.
Woterdo, The heel.
Dara yïlla, The sole of the foot.
Kissooei yïlla, The toes.

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