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On this day ...
19 - 20 September 1770

Endeavour Voyage Maps
James Cook
Joseph Banks

Vocabulary of Savoo


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Vocabulary of the language of the natives of the island of Savoo

Momonne, A man.
Neekeeng-ïro, A grown man.
Monama, An old man.
Monecopai, A boy.
Mobunne, A woman.
Anawuneekee, A child.
Càtoo, The bead.
Row catoo, The hair of the head.
Bocòlo, The crown of the head.
Otaïle, The temples.
Tangarei, The forehead.
Màdda, The eyes.
Ròw na màdda, The eye-brows.
Dungèena madda, The eye-lids.
Roòpa-gàpoong, The eye-lashes.
Wodeèloo, The ears.
Sivànga, The nose.
Roä sivànga, The nostrils.
Cavarànga, The cheeks.
Larà-voòboo, The mouth.
Kooring-voòboo deeda, The upper lip.
Kooring-voòboo vàva, The under lip.
Sungeèdee, The gums.
Ingootoo deeda, The upper teeth.
Ingootoo vàva, The under teeth.
Vaio, The tongue.

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