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Vocabulary (continued)

As a mark of dissent, they said Aipa, several times, and this was the only word, that we could distinguish, to accord with the Otaheitean language.

On our arrival, the natives shewed themselves, on the land opposite to us, by degrees; and, after having thrown them some fish, they ventured to approach us in a canoe; landed by us; laid down their lances, and came forward to meet us, shewing signs of amity as they came along; but they were so much abashed at first, that they took but little notice of us, or of any thing about us, though they did not seem to be apprehensive of danger. We made them some presents, which they accepted, but did not shew much fondness for them. They became, at length, more free when only three of us were present, and made signs for us to take off some of our garments, which we did accordingly. They viewed them with surprize; but they seemed to have had no idea of cloaths; nor did they express a desire for any; and a shirt, which we gave them, was found afterwards torn into rags.

The natives shewed a great antipathy to our tame birds, and attempted to throw one of them over-board; and, a little before we left the land, they set fire to the grass round the spot where we had pitched our tent; but, luckily for us, most of our things were on-board, or they would, in all probability, have been consumed, as the fire burnt very fiercely, and had like to have destroyed a litter of pigs, and some other things. We shot at one of them, who ran up the hill with a fire-brand, and wounded him. Several of them came to us afterwards, and made peace with us.

They seem to live mostly on shell-fish, the remains of which we frequently saw about their fires, which they procure by twirling a piece of wood in a hole, made in another piece, till it is lit up into a flame.

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