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Vocabulary (continued)

Waowa, The crest of a bird.
Poetyo, A feather.
Goromoco, A falcon.
Wanda, A cockatoo.
Perpore, The blue-headed loryquet.
Baipai, The spotted starling.
Poteea, Fish.
Cooenda, or yolcumba, The spotted shark.
Jokkerra, The serrated bone of the sting ray.
Putai, A turtle.
Poenja, A male turtle.
Mameingo, A female turtle.
Maboo, The tail of a turtle.
Mailetja, Echinus pentaphyloides, or flat sea-egg.
Bingabinga, Echinus ovarius viridis, the greenish prickly sea-egg.
Kanawoongo, Haliotes, or ear-shell.
Gomego, Cyprea tygris, the tyger cowry.
Metieul, The telescope-shell.
Ebapee, The other mud-shell, or lipped telescope.
Chicoai, The Persian-crown shell.
Kurrow, or kurooee. Spondylus, the hinge oyster.
Moenje, Chama, or smooth cockle.
Tabugga, jabugga, or chapaua, A fly.
Walboolbool, A butterfly.
Wolbit, Plantains.
Depoor, Ficus ridula.
Badjoor, Cicas circinalis.
Balanguir, Convolvulus Brasiliensis.
Bandeer, Abrus pricatorius.
Maracotn, Tare, or yam.
Nampar, Bamboo.
Maiye, A branch or stalk.
Dora, A leaf they chewed.

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