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20 - 27 April 1770

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New Holland


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New Holland (continued)

On the 20th, we sailed along shore with a fine brisk breeze, but we found no harbour. The land appeared rather level, with here and there a gentle ascent covered entirely with wood, some of which appeared large. About noon we saw some smoke ascending out of a wood near the sea tide. Latitude 36° 51.

On the 21st, we had fine clear weather, and a brisk gale: the coast appeared much the same as it did the day before, excepting that it was rather lower. In the evening the land appeared very low and strait, stretching away to the N.E. and was well covered with trees. We saw some clouds of smoke rising from them a good way up the country, but we found no harbour. Latitude 35° 51.

On the 22d, the coast made a good view, being flat, level, and covered with verdure. The hills within land were remarkably flat: we discovered five men upon them, through our glasses, who were quite naked. It is probable they live upon the produce of the earth, as we did not see any canoes, and the coast seems to be unfavourable for fishing. Latitude 35° 27.

On the 25th, we were in latitude 34° 22. The weather was very fine, but we were often becalmed. The land appeared still flat, remarkably level, and strait on the top. We saw several fires along the coast lit up one after another, which might have been designed as signals to us.

On the 27th, in the morning, the wind being against us, we stood off and on shore. At noon, being about one mile from land, some of our men were sent on shore in a boat, which soon returned, not being able to land for the surf, which which ran very high all along the coast. They espied three men, sitting on the beach, who were naked, and of a very dark colour; but, on the boats approaching nearer toward them, they fled into the woods. Our people also discovered several canoes drawn upon the beach, and a kind of house or wig-warn adjacent. We also, from the ship, saw five men walking, two of whom carried a canoe on their shoulders. The country looked very pleasant and fertile; and the trees, quite free from underwood, appeared like plantations in a gentlemans park.

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