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Implements of New Zealand (continued)

25. A Trumpet, nineteen inches and a half in length, made of a hard brown wood, which they split, and carefully hollow out each side so as to sit neatly again, leaving an edge on each side; and joining them together, they are bound tight with withes made of cane: it is broadest in the middle, which is rather flat, and gradually tapers to the ends that are open. In the middle of it there is a large hole which represents the mouth of a figure somewhat like a human one, having hands and feet, the parts of which are carved round the instrument: the head is not unlike the mask, No. 16. Another such like mask is also carved near one end of the trumpet. They produce a harsh shrill sound.

26. Is spoken of in the account of the people of Terra del Fuego.

27. A singular kind of hand-scoop, or water-bailer, made of one piece of wood: the handle of it proceeds from the edge and hangs over the middle, and both it and the edge are very ingeniously carved. It is about eleven inches long, eight inches wide, and near six inches deep under the handle.

28. The head of a spear, made of bone, about six inches in length.

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