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Description and delineation of the military weapons and household implements, personal adornments, &c. of New-Zealand

Having given a plate, containing principally the figures of the New-Zealand household and warlike INSTRUMENTS, it may be proper here to give a description of them. [See pl. XXVI.]

Plate XXVI. Various Kinds of Instruments Utensils &c, of the Inhabitants of New Zealand, with some Ornaments &c, of the People of Terra del Fuego & New Holland.

Fig. 1. An Ornament for the Neck, made of three round pieces of Auris Marina, or ear-shell, the inside of which is a beautiful coloured pearl. These pieces are notched on the edges, and strung on a piece of plaited tape, made of white flax, and coloured red. It hangs loosely about the neck, and is two feet, eight inches and a half long.

2. One of their common Paddles; when used it is held by one hand at the top of the handle, in which there is a hole, and by the other at the bottom, where it is carved very neatly, being five feet, nine inches and a half long.

3. A Fish-hook, made of wood, and pointed with bone, which is tied on with twine; three inches and three quarters long.

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