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New Zealand vocabulary


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New Zealand vocabulary (continued)

Hèàwhài, A house.
Patéeà, A hedge or fence.
Ewhao, A nail.
Tochee, A hatchet, or adze.
Eëi, Victuals.
Eàowtè, Indian cloth.
Hecacahoo, A garment.
Opoonamoo, A green ear-ring.
Potai, The feather ornament on their head.
Heebeekee, A bunch of scarlet feathers which they stick in their hair.
Emaho, Tataow.
Kaowaowaow, A small flute.
Hewaca, A canoe.
Hewhaiwhai, A bile.
Hoggee, To paddle.
Patoopatoo, To throw stones, to threaten.
Oweerree, To roll up.
Orero, To speak, or a speech.
Apoorotoo, Good.
Ekeeno, Bad.
Matto, Steep.
Mai whattoo, Stronger or very strong.
Keeànooe, Too small.
Keeàmaow, Larger.
A, a, Yes.
Kaowra, No.
Na, na, What say you?
Eeha, teneega? What's that? or what call you that?
Eta eta, Look you; here, here.
Ma dooge dooge, Let me see it, or let me look.

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