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10 - 13 March 1770

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On the 10th, we stood out a considerable way to sea; and, on the 11th, in the morning, fetched the land, and approached near it. It had the appearance of a cluster of islands, or a bay with a large break, being divided by a number of valleys and peaked hills, many of which were pretty well covered with wood, and had some snow on the tops of them; but we saw no signs of inhabitants. We called this bay South-West Bay, near which lies a small island, that we named Solanders Isle. Having contrary winds we were driven back as far as 47° 45 south latitude; but, the wind coming round again, we steered north-westerly, and made a point of land, which we named the West Cape. We went round this cape; on the N. E. side of which there is a small bay; we called it Dusky Bay; and the N. W. point of it we called Five Fingers Point, about which we saw several rocks.

On the 13th, we sailed along the western coast with a very brisk breeze from the south. The land appeared very romantic, having mountains piled on mountains to an amazing height; but they seemed to be uninhabited. We saw the appearance of some good harbours, one of which, larger than the rest, we called Doubtful Harbour; but night coming on we did not venture into any of them.

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