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8 - 13 February 1770

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Head-dresses (continued)

We observed a great difference betwixt the inhabitants on this tide of the land, north of Cooks Straits, and those of the south. The former are tall, well-limbed, clever fellows; have a deal of tataow, and plenty of good deaths; but the latter are a set of poor wretches, who, though strong, are stinted in their growth, and seem to want the spirit or sprightliness of the northern Indians. Few of them are tataowed, or have their hair oiled and tied up; and their canoes are but mean.

On the 9th, at noon, latitude south, we had a good view of Cape Turnagain. We hauled in our wind to S. W. to make the land on the other side of Cooks Straits. The coast we sailed along was lower, and had many white clayey and chalky cliffs upon it. We passed two points of land to which we gave the names of Castle Point and Flat Point.

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