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16 - 27 August 1769

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New Zealand


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New Zealand (continued)

On the 16th, we saw the appearance of several high peaks of land, which deceived us all: we bore away for them, but, the sky clearing up, we found our mistake, and so resumed our course to the south. Thermometer 72, and a cold air.

On the 17th, we were becalmed most part of the day, and had a great swell from the west in latitude 26° 25 S. Thermometer 70.

On the 20th, we had light breezes, and were often becalmed; but, toward night, we had a brisk breeze from the north, which increasing, we brought the ship to, under the two topsails, and remained so all night, and had a continual swell, which made the ship roll very much.

On the 21st, we had a stiff gale all day, with hazy weather, and some thunder and lightening from the west; we scudded before the wind, having the foresail and two topsails close-reefed set. The swell was so great that the ship rolled pro-digiously, and every thing was thrown down. We saw several Pintado birds, and Shear-waters.

On the 22d, we had fine clear weather, and the wind much abated. We saw some Albatrosses, and several Pintado birds. This bird is barred on the wing with black and white, from whence the name in Spanish, a Cheque-board. We also saw several parcels of sea-weed. Latitude 31° 3 S. Wind S. W. and by W.

On the 23d, we had light breezes, and it was calm most part of the day. Toward night, it rained very hard, with the wind to the north. We saw a grampus, or young whale, and an albatross. Lat. 32°: 5.

On the 24th, we had heavy squalls, with rain, from the south, and saw a water-spout. The wind still continuing to blow very hard, we lay-to under our main-sail; and, in the night, the wind was excessive cold.

On the 25th, we had fair weather, but the air was stlll sharp, though the wind was moderate, and came about to the S. W. Lat. 32°: 3. Thermometer 62.

On the 26th, we had variable weather, with a westerly wind, and saw a grampus and an albatross. Latitude 32°: 15.

On the 27th, we had clear weather, with the wind at north, but, toward the evening, it was squally. We saw several albatrosses, pintados, and shear-waters. Latitude 33°: 35.—— On the same day we killed a dog, and dressed him, which we brought from Yoolee-Etea: he was excessively fat, although he had eaten nothing while he had been on board.

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