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14 - 29 August 1769

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James Cook
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New Zealand


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New Zealand (continued)

These people are very tall, well proportioned, and have long hair, which they tie up, [see pl. VIII. fig. 5 and 6.] and are tataowed, or marked on different parts of their bodies, but not on their posteriors, like the people of the other islands. On one of our boats approaching them, they began to talk to Toobaiah, though they seemed very much intimidated, and begged that our people would not kill them; and said they would not furnish us with any eatables unless we came on shore, which they intreated us much to do. They saw no women among them. From the ship we observed a few houses.

This island does not shoot up into high peaks, like the others, but is more even and uniform, divided into small hillocks, like England, which are here and there covered with tufts of trees. At the water’s edge there are many clifts almost perpendicular. We saw no bread-fruit, and very few cocoas; but all along the edge of the beach was thick planted with Etoa, which served to shelter their houses and plantations of Meiya from the wind.

This island is situate in 22° 23' south latitude, and 150° 5' west longitude, and has no reef surrounding it, like the other islands.

On the 15th, in the morning, we passed the tropic of Capricorn, having a fine breeze from the north, with clear pleasant weather; and saw several tropic birds.

On the 28th, we had hazy weather, and a drizzling rain all day, with a faint breeze from the north, and saw a great many birds called Shear-coots. This morning, John Raden, the boatswains mate, died. His death was occasioned by drinking too freely of rum the night before. In the evening the wind came about to the west, and, the next morning, the 29th, the weather being clear, at about four oclock we saw a comet, about 60 degrees above the horizon. Latitude 37°

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