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24 - 27 July 1769

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Yoole-Etea (continued)

This island is, in many respects, much like Huaheine, and the country as much variegated; but this side of the island seems to have undergone some revolution; the inhabitants are but few, and poor, and have no political distinction of rank amongst them. The shagreen is in greater plenty here, and at Huaheine, than at Otaheite, where it was a searce commodity. They have also great plenty of taro, and eape. As to the bread-fruit it was but young; and of apples I saw none.

On the 25th, we set sail from the bay of Owhare, and steered our course to the westward, designing to go to Bolobola, or round Otahau, to the south-side of Yoolee-Etea; but, the wind blowing from the westward, we could not double the point of Otahau; so that we did nothing that day but traverse the coast of Bolobola.

The island of Bolobola is made up of one very high forked peak of land, with seven low hills round it.

In the evening, at sun-set, we discovered the island of Toopbai, making in low land.

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