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11 - 13 July 1769

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Departure from Otaheite


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Departure from Otaheite

On the 11th, the tents were struck, and we got every thing on board; but, on examining the anchor-stocks, we found them very much worm-eaten, and were obliged to wait till the carpenter had made new ones, which detained us two days longer. None of the Indians came near us till the next day, except Toobaiah, who is a sort of high-priest of Otaheite; and he designed to sail with us; however, several of the principal natives sent their servants on board with presents; we sent them others in return, and left them tolerably well reconciled to us.

On the 13th, several of she natives came on board to take leave of us, to whom we made some presents; and, at parting with us, they appeared very sorrowful. In the forenoon we weighed anchor, and sailed, with a fine breeze, from the west, steering our course W. by N. having Toobaiah, and his little boy Taiyota, on board with us. [See pl. IX.] On our leaving the shore, the people in the canoes set up their woeful cry, Awai, Awai; and the young women wept very much. Some of the canoes came up to the side of the ship, while she was under sail, and brought us many cocoas.

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