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Vocabulary (continued)

They have various sounds peculiar to themselves, which none of us could Imitate; some of them they pronounced like B and L mingled together; others between B and P, and T and D. Some like Bh, Lh, and Dh.

When they mean to speak of a thing somewhat small, they often double the word, as Oorè oorè, a smallish nail.

They also double the word for the superlative, as Teá teá, very white.
Mai, when placed after a verb, signifies that the action was done to you.

Mai, when added to an adverb, signifies several things, as Mai Maroo, somewhat soft, or inclining to be soft.

They have a whoop, when they call after any person, which they pronounce like Ahu! raising their voice very high at the last syllable.

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