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Vocabulary (continued)

Etooree, The knees.
Eawy, The legs.
Edeai, The calf of the leg.
Moa moa, The ancles.
Etapooai, The foot.
Oütoo, The heel.
Matiyo, The toes.
Eyoare, A rat.
Eairo, The tall of a quadruped.
Manoo, A bird.
Mato manoo, A bird's eye.
Eneèhote manoo, A bird's beak.
E haòw pè, The tail.
Maniaow, The claws.
Eroòppe, A pigeon, or dove,
Ohaa te manoo, A bird's nest.
Hooira moa, An egg.
Aa, A green parrot.
Veene, A blue parroquet.
Morai, A duck.
Eiya, A fish.
Ewhai, or ephai, A cuttle-fish.
Ehoomè, A seal.
Ehoona, A turtle.
Emahoo, A shark's skin.
Eiyoo, Shagreen.
Porahaaw, Shell-fish.
Mapeehee, A limpet.
E boòboo, A wilk.
Aupuhua, Muscles.
E ròrree, An actinia, or pisser, [a marine Infect.]
Peeyaow, A libella, or dragon-fly.
Ootooròhonnoo, A spider.
Oatoo, A louse.

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