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Catalogue of plants (continued)

An eatable root, which I did not see.

E nioee.
A fine eatable fruit, of a red colour, which I did not see.

Ea patahei.
An elegant flower, which I also did not see.

Oowhe note Maowa. Dioscorea-alata.
This plant produces the root so well known by the name of Ignames, all over the East and West-Indies: they have several sorts of it, but that which grows upon the hills is the best.

E nahae
This is a fern, which has an extraordinary sweet smell, and, for this reason, it is used by the better sort of people to sleep on.

E ahei.
The wood of this tree, has a very rich and delicious smell; is of a yellow colour, and is the principal ingredient used in perfuming their monoe, being grated small, and put to soak amongst it; as it is very scarce, it is in great request amongst them; we could never get a sight of the tree, but were told it grew on the mountains. They have various other vegetables with which they perfume their monoe, and likewise their cloaths: the names of these are, Pooeva, Maiteeraow, Annee, Noonna, Ehaee, Amea, and Matehooa.

E atoo.
A plant of which they make mat garments.

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