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Descriptive catalogue of plants, medical, culinary, &c. found on that island

PLANTS of Use for Food, Medicine, &c. in OTAHEITE.

Native Name. Latin Name.
Teatea-maowa, Jasminum-didymum,
Grows upon the hills; has a very sweet-smelling white flower, which the natives admire much.

E ava. Piper-inebrians.
The expressed juice of this plant they drink to intoxicate themselves.

E to. Saccharum-dulcis.
Of this cane they make no sugar, but content themselves with sucking the juice out of it.

E mohoo. Cyperus-alatus.
The stalks of this plant, stripped of their pulp, which they perform with a sharp shell, make a sort of thread used for several common purposes.

Taihinnoo. Tournefortia-sericea.
E tow. Cordia-sebestena.
The leaves of these two plants are ingredients in their red dye, or mattee, for their cloth.

E marra. Nauclea-orientalis,
Of the timber of this tree they build their large canoes.

E teea-ree. Gardenia-florida.
This was originally brought from some other island to Otaheite, and there planted on account of its most flagrant flower, which they crop as soon as grown and stick in their ears, calling it E teea-ree, that is, the flower, by way of eminence.

Taowdeehaow. Convolvulus-alatus.
The stalks of this plant they give young children to suck.

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