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22 - 29 June 1769

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Otaheite (continued)

On the 23d, in the morning, we missed one of our men, a Portugueze, whom we had taken in at Rio de Janeiro; enquiring among the Indians, we learned that he was at Opare with Tootahau; and one of them offered to go and bring him back to us, which he accordingly did the same night. The account which he gave on his return was, That three men came to him crying Tyau, which is the watch-word, amongst them, for friendship, and then carried him from the fort, and dragged him to the top of the bay, where they stripped him, forced him into a boat, and took him to Opare, where Tootahau gave him some cloaths, and persuaded him to stay with him. This account we believed to be true, for, as soon as is was known amongst the natives that he was rescued, all of them in the bell-tent moved off, and went to Opare in great haste, being apprehensive that we should reck our revenge on them.

On the 26th, the captain and Mr. Banks set out to make a survey of the island, and began with the west side.

On the 27th, we saw a favourite game, which the young girls divert themselves with in an evening dividing themselves into two parties, one standing opposite to the other, one party throws apples, which the other endeavours to catch. The right of the game I am not acquainted with; but now-and-then one of the parties advanced, stamping with their feet, making wry mouths, straddling with their legs, lifting up their cloaths, and exposing their nakedness; at the same time repeating some words in a disagreeable tone. Thus are they bred up to lewdness from their childhood, many of them not being above eight or nine years of age.

The 28th; this evening the captain and Mr. Banks returned from their western excursion. And,

On the 29th, early in the morning, they set out for the east part of the island, to make a survey of it.

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