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On this day ...
20 - 22 June 1769

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Otaheite (continued)

This day, the princess Tetroah Mituah’s canoes were taken, laden with presents for us; but, as captain Cook knew she was innocent, he let her have her canoes again.

On the 21st, in the morning, many of the natives came to us with presents of various kinds; but, though called presents, they were all paid for. Our tent was nearly filled with people; and, soon after, Amoa, who is chief of several districts on the other side of the island, also came to us, and brought with him a hog. As soon as he appeared, the natives uncloathed themselves to the waist; which mark of obeisance to their superiors we had not observed before, but judged it was usually shewn to every person of distinguished rank amongst them. This man Oboreah called her husband, and Toobaiah his brother; but there is little regard to be paid to what they say. A woman, called Teetee, came from the west and presented a very fine garment to the Captain, of a bright yellow in the ground, bordered with red: in the middle of it were many crosses, which we apprehended they had learned from the French.

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