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8 - 19 May 1769

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Otaheite (continued)

On the 8th, Mr. Mollineux went in the long-boat to the east to buy some hogs. but could not get any: the people told them that they belonged to Tootahau, which evinced the superiority of that man.

We saw a man this day of a very fair complexion, with ruddy nose and cheeks, having the hair of his head, beard, eye-brows, and eye-lashes, quite white, insomuch that he was a lusus naturae amongst them [2].

On the 13th, as Mr. Banks sat in the boat, trading with them as usual, we saw a very odd ceremony performed: — Some strangers came up, to whom the rest gave way, making a lane for them to pass through: the first person in the procession presented Mr, Banks with a small bunch of parrot’s feathers, with some plantain, and malape-leaves, one after another. A woman passed along the next, having a great many clothes upon her, which she took off, and, spreading them upon the ground, turned round, and exposed herself quite naked: more garments being handed to her, by the company, she spread them also upon the ground, and then exposed herself as before; then the people gathered up all her clothes, took leave, and retired.

On the 14th, we saw a person who had the appearance of an hermaphrodite.

On the 15th, we had but a slight sea breeze, and the weather was very sultry, though the clouds hung upon the mountains, and we expected some rain; we had some puffs of wind from the mountains, that raised the sand in little clouds, which covered every thing, and rendered our situation still more disagreeable. In the evening we saw a remarkable large ring round the moon.

On the 16th, it rained very hard, and there were two rainbows. We hauled the Sein in several distant places, but caught no fish.

On the 17th, the centinel fired at one of the natives, who came before it was light with an intent to steal some of the casks, which was the second offence; but the powder flashed in the pan, and the man escaped with his life.

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