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31 December 1768 - 17 January 1769

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From England (continued)

On the 31st, we had much thunder, lightening, and rain, and saw several whales: we saw also some birds about the size of a pigeon, with white breasts and grey beaks.

On the 4th of January, 1769, we saw a cloud which we took for Pepy’s Island, and made toward it till we were convinced of our mistake. The air at this time was cold and dry, and we had frequent squalls of wind.

On the 6th, we saw several penguins, with many other sea birds; and, on the 7th, had an exceeding hard gale of wind from S. W. in latitude 51° 25’ S. and longitude 62° 44’ W. We supposed ourselves not far from Falkland’s Islands, but, not knowing their longitude, we could not so readily find them.

From several circumstances which occurred on the 8th, it was concluded that we had sailed between Falkland’s Islands and the main land; and were in hopes of touching at the former place, from which we designed to have forwarded some letters to Europe.

On the 11th, we discovered Terra del Fuego; but, having contrary winds, and being apprehensive of danger from the foulness of the ground, which we discovered by sounding, we kept out at sea.

On the 16th, the wind changing in our favour, we approached the land; and at length anchored in Port Maurice’s Bay, situated in latitude 54° 44’ S. and longitude 66° 15’ W. Some of our principal people went ashore, and found several pieces of brown European broad cloth, in a hut that had been deserted by the natives. Mr. Banks and Dr. Solander collected a great number of plants, shot several birds, and returned to the ship much pleased with their adventure.

On the 17th we left Port Maurice’s Bay; and, at about one o’clock in the afternoon, anchored in the bay of Good Success.

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