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On this day ...
14 November - 6 December 1768

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From England


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From England (continued)

We had plenty of fish from the markets every day, of which they are furnished with a great variety.

We often picked off some curious molusca from the surface of the sea; and also land insects of several kinds alive, which floated round the ship upon the water.

The country, adjacent to the city of Rio de Janeiro, is mountainous, full of wood, and but a very little part of it appears to be cultivated. The soil near the river is a kind of loam, mixt with sand; but farther up in the country we found a fine black mould. All the tropical fruits, such as melons, oranges, mangoes, lemons, limes, cocoa nuts and plantains, are to be met with here in great plenty. The air, it seems, is but seldom extremely hot, as they have a breeze of wind from the sea every morning; and generally a land wind at night *.

* S. Parkinson had not been idle from the time he left England, having, as appeared by a letter from him to his brother, finished 100 drawings on various subjects, and taken sketches of many more; which he intended to have finished if he had lived to return.

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