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22 July - 13 September 1768

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PART I. Comprehending the occurences that happened from the ship's departure from England

On the 22d of July, 1768, I went on board the ship, ENDEAVOUR, then lying in the Galleons Reach, in the river Thames: on the 3d of August arrived in the Downs; and then sailed for Plymouth Sound, where we anchored on the l4th, and took on board some more sea-men, with a few marines. Mr. Banks, Dr. Solander, Mr. Green, with their attendants, also joined us at this port; and our number was then increased to ninety six. Having taken in some more stores and guns, and made a few necessary alterations in the ship, on the 26th of August we failed from Plymouth, with the wind at N. N. W. but it did not continue long in that quarter, but changed to S. W. where it held till the 2d of September, soon after which, we discovered Cape Ortugal. From this time, till the 4th of October, we had variable winds, and then we saw Cape Finistere at about ten leagues distance.

We continued our course, and met with no material occurrence till the 12th; then we discovered Puerto Santo, about nine leagues off; soon after we saw the island of Madeira, and, on the 13th, in the morning, anchored in Fonchiale Bay.

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