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Preface (continued)

His recommendation being so effectually confirmed by these proofs of ingenuity and industry, Joseph Banks made him the proposal of going in the capacity of botanical draughtsman, on the then intended voyage to the South-seas. An insatiable curiosity for such researches prevailed over every consideration of danger, that reasonably suggested itself, as the necessary attendant of so long, so perilous, and, to my poor brother, so fatal a voyage! He accordingly accepted Joseph Banks’s offer; though by no means an alluring one, if either views of profit, or perhaps even prudence, had influenced his determination. His appointment, for executing such drawings of singular botanical subjects and curious objects of natural history as might occasionally be met with on the voyage, was settled at eighty pounds per annum. In this capacity, and under this moderate encouragement, Sydney Parkinson undertook to accompany Joseph Banks to the South-Seas; making his will before his departure, in which he bequeathed the salary, which might be due to him at the time of his decease, to his sister Britannia, and appointed me his residuary legatee.

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