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Omai, or, a Trip round the WorldEuropean Reactions
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Part II


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Part II (continued)

A I R. — Oterea.

Lightning's flash, and thunder's roll,

Swell the tumults of my soul.

To wicked Etee's (23) altar bear them,

With tooth of shark in piece-meal tear them;

Burn, consume, and feast my eyes

With the blazing sacrifice.*

[They retire, and Omai's followers fall into the snare.

SCENE IX. Oberea's Dwelling, (full of magical Instruments &c.) Oberea prepares to wreak her Vengeance on Ornai, but is counter-acted by Towha.

Towha Speaks.

Hold! the fatal pooa (24) drop!

Taking Omai's life, you kill your friend,

For know, their vital threads I've interwoven —

here end

Strife, hate, contending emulation, Confirm their generous reconciliation,

And on that sordid wretch, his persecutor,

hurl thy indignation.

(23) An evil spirit.

* Human sacrifice in Otaheite.

(24) Pahooa, the weapon of an Otaheitean warrior.

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