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Omai, or, a Trip round the WorldEuropean Reactions
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Part II


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Part II (continued)

SCENE III. A dreary Ice Island, where the Parties encounter a Variety of Dangers, and Escape to

SCENE IV. A Village in Tongataboo, the most beautiful and considerable of the Friendly lslands.

The Natives enter, fabricating their feathered Garments, and singing the following


Plenty gives, and pleasure smiles,

O'er our happy Friendly Isles;

While to blest, what should we do

But sing, O sweet Tongataboo?

On this green and fragrant spot,

Down we here together squat,

With our scarlet plumage crown'd,

While the kava-bowl (14) goes round.

Plenty gives, &c.

Here in shades of wharra-palms, (15)

Cocoa-milk, delicious yams;

Dance the mai, (16) naffa, (17) beat

Nimble pagge, (18) tune our feet,

Plenty gives &c.

(14) An intoxicating liquor.

(15) A particular palm. 116) A grand dance.

(17) A musical drum.

(18) An instrument with which they beat time in their dances.

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