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Omai, or, a Trip round the WorldEuropean Reactions
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Part I


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Part I



SCENE I. A Morai (1) in Otaheite by Moon-light.

Otoo discovered making Invocations to the Genii of his Ancestors for their Assistance to fix his Son on the Throne.

R E C I T A T I V E, — Otoo.

HAIL to this awful place! sacred Fiatooha (2) hail!

Where Otaheitean Chiefs in everlasting moe (3)

lie; warriors renown'd,

On Eimeo's(4) sanguine plains with hard-fought

victory crown'd;

Tho' here in death ye moulder, yet the royal

line can never fail,

Preserv'd by Towha's power divine;

And the illustrious name,

By glorious actions dear to fame,

In my belov'd Omai shall never die.

(1) A temple, or burying place.

(2) A repository for the dead.

(3) Sleep.

(4) One of the Society Islands, generally at war with Otaheite.

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