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Towha, the Guardian Genius of Omai's Ancestors, and Protector of the legal Kings of Otaheite, Mrs. RIVERS.

Otoo, Father of Omai, a Descendant from the legal Kings, a Priest and a Magician, Mr. DARLEY.

Omai, Mr. BLURTON.

Otaheitian,* supposed to have accompanied Omai to England, Mr. EDWIN.

Harlequin, Servant to Omai, Mr. KENNEDY.

Oediddee, Pretender to the Throne, Mrs. KENNEDY.

Oberea, Regent and Protectress of Oediddee, an Enchantress, Mrs. MARTYR.

Britannia, Mrs.lNCHBALD.

Don Struttolando, Rival to Omai, in his love to Londina, Mr. PALMER.

Clown, his servant and Rival of Harlequin, Mr. D'ELPINI.

Father of Londina, Mr. THOMPSON. Mother, Mrs. DAVENITT.

Londina, the Consort destined to Omia, Miss CRANFIELD.

Colombine, Maid to Londina, Miss ROWSON.

Old Fairy, Friend to Harlequin, Mr. WEWITZER.

Englsh Captain, Mr. BRETT.

Justice, M DAVIES.

Constables, Messrs. DOYLE, MEADOWS, SWORDS.

Good and Evil Spirits, Custom.House Officers, Sailors, &c.

* The idea of his dress was taken from Cook's Voyages, where it is said, that Omai, to make himself fine on his introduction, to a Chief, dressed himself with a piece of the habit of each country he had seen in his several voyages.

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