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James Morrison's Account of TahitiIndigenous Histories
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Persons (continued)

to trim it, a Sharks tooth being the only intrument they have for Cutting hair — tho the Weomen hate to have Vermin in their heads as much as we do yet the men are not so delicate and many eat them.

Tho the fashion in which the Weomen wear their hair is contrary to the Inhabitants of other Countrys it is no ways injurious to their beauty as neither Sex wear any thing on their heads but Garlands of Flowers nor dress their hair in any other Manner then by Combing and oiling but all are particular to have it regularly trimm’d; and some trim their Eyelids and brows and pick them into form. Their limbs in general are neat and delicate and tho they go barefooted their feet do not spread like the inhabitants of Africa and other Hot Climates and many with the help of a Fashionable Dress would pass for handsom weomen even in England.

The Number of Inhabitants in Taheite are Near 30,000 of which their warriors may be reckoned at near one third of that number. Their Chief Strength consisted formerly in their Naval force, which at present is but triffling, their Navy being but on a very indifferent footing, oToo thinking it better to keep peace then make war. At present his whole Naval force does not exceed 20 sail of War Canoes & for the most part of these he is beholden to his Sister Areepaeoa Waheine who brought them from Ryeataya — but he stands in no need at present of large Canoes as Morea is now under him, Mottooarro having adopted His Son to be Heir to Morea.

At the time the Island was discovered by Captain Wallis Tomaree, the Son of Pbooraya (since deceased) and Oammo, was Earee Nooe and Oammo being an Areeuoy had left Her but not till the Boy was born when Pbooraya, who was a Stirring active woman and regent for Her Son, got him declared king and invested at Oparre with the Royal Marro and Matte or oToo, who was then about 7 years old, was forced to fly to His Fathers Estate at Papaara where he lived private tho the Marro was his right, but soon after Captain Wallis saild, Matte made a party in Attahooroo and soon forced Tomaree to exchange stations, and take his own posessions, but Tehowha and Pohooataya Chiefs of Attahooroo at the Head of their men Seized on the Morai and Carried it and the Marro to Attahooroo where they forced Matte to come to have his Ceremony performed and at the same time laid him under restrictions that made him rather a Dependant to them then their King and all the releigeous rites were now to be performd at their Moral where

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