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James Morrison's Account of TahitiIndigenous Histories
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Birds &c.


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Birds &c.

They have many Birds for which we could find no names, but among those we knew were these — Herons Blue & White, Wild Ducks, Parroquets, Green, Blue & White — Fly flappers, Wood Peckers, Doves, Wild Pidgeons, a Chatering bird like a Jay, Sandlarks, Plover, Martin, Men of War & Tropic birds with several other Aquatic Birds and the Mountains produce birds of Different kinds unknown to us, among which are a large bird nearly the size of a Goose, which is good food; they are never seen near the Sea nor in the low lands.

They have no venomous reptiles or Insict except the Centepedes & Scorpion; the Former are large & plenty but the latter small and scarce and I never heard of any harm being done by them. The Natives think nothing of them and will handel them with as little Ceremony as we do earth worms &c. — the Lizards are of two sorts,

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