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James Morrison's Account of TahitiIndigenous Histories
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Face of ye Country


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Face of ye Country

Both peninsulas are Mountainous, and Covered with Trees of different sorts— having each a border of Flat land (except where it is seperated by Mountains rising out of the Sea) which is likewise Covered with Trees chiefly the Breadfruit & Cocoa Nutt — Several of the Mountains rising out of the Sea rise Gradually till they form one great or general pile in the Center of the Island which may be seen at 20 leagues distant; they are intersected by innumerable Vallys all of which are Cloathed with Verdure — the Ridges are covered with reeds which at a Distance resemble Grass while they are Green, and the tops of the Hills are for the Most part Covered with large trees — and the Highest Mountains teem with innumerable Cascades forming a Delightful prospect and thirty of these may be Counted pouring from a high Mountain lying behind Maatavye Calld Ora fwhanna which water the neighbouring vallys — and before it reaches the Sea forms many small rivers & Brooks all of which are Excellent Water, being produced by Springs some of which Issue from the Solid Rock.

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