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James Morrison's Account of TahitiIndigenous Histories
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Situation & Extent


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Situation & Extent

The Island of Taheite is better laid down by Captain Cook then I with an indifferent Quadrant could be able to assertain. Its Lattitude is between 17° 28’ and 18° South and its Longitude about 2 11° East. (According to Captain Cook Pt. Venus is in Latitude 17° 29’ 30" South, Longitude 149° 32 ’30" West.)19

It Consists of two Peninsulas both of which are of a Circular form with an Isthmus of Low land about 21/2 or 3 Miles a Cross — the larger Peninsula is Calld Taheite Nooe or Great Taheite, and is about 80 Miles in Circumference and the Smaller, which lies to S E of Taheite Nooe, is Calld by the Names of Taheite Eete (Little Taheite) and Tyarrabboo and is about 30 Miles in Circumference according to my Computation; having no aperatus for surveying I can only give the Distance according to my own oppinion. It is in most parts defended by a reef of Corral, in some places a Mile or a Mile & a half from the Shore, within which is several small keys — the Beach in some places Black & others White.

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